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Healing from Trauma and Abuse is Possible for Anyone


You have the right to choose the life you want to live for yourself, and yourself alone. Creating your 'best life' has nothing to do with the clothes you wear, the size of you bank account or how many friends you have. Instead, it means reaching towards your dreams everyday by getting in touch with your true authentic self. 



You do not have to acquire wealth in order to "achieve" a "state of being" loosely referred to as wellness. Wellness is not a state of achievement at all. It is a state of mind that allows you to let more peace, joy and love into your life. Instead of focusing on productivity, we should be focusing on living a life filled with value, purpose and meaning. Love and compassion start with you. Begin by trying to be more loving and kind to yourself, and you will be surprised about how much that will spill over into every aspect of your life. 



Self-care is not another thing to cross off that dreaded to-do list. You do not have to have a job, a degree or one dollar to your name. You can become the person you have always dreamed of even in the worst of circumstances by embracing compassion, healing and kindness. I've lived below the poverty line for almost my entire adult life. I've been a teacher, a presidential campaign volunteer, a waitress, a house painter & an advocate. I've found healing because one person believed in me at each stage of my journey. They reached out, offered their services to me & helped me to make my dreams a reality. I want to do the same for anyone else in need. 

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